Social Media Management

Today’s consumers are equipped with immense power. Smart phone technology has changed the lives of every person on the planet whether they still use a flip phone or own a phone at all. The ability to connect, request and share information instantaneously via Social Media has permanently changed the competitive landscape for companies small and large.

Consumers now share both the seemingly mundane, as well as, very intimate details of their lives.  A collective “posting” of the human experience has occurred on a global scale. 

We now see ourselves as members of a global community, much more alike than we are different. No longer tethered antiquated business models consumers are on the move, set free to explore options, provide direct feedback and purchase products across cultural and geographic boundaries. Power and influence have been returned to their rightful owner…..our customers.
As the great business mind of 20th century, Peter Drucker, so eloquently stated long before smart phones were even invented “

The purpose of business is to create and retain customers.Peter Drucker

By the Numbers....

74% of consumers use social networks to guide purchase decisions. 


The Empowered Consumer

The Rise of The Empowered Consumer