Our Process


Automated Marketing Concepts is a creative marketing agency that incorporates marketing automation technology to help our clients achieve amazing results.
Competing in today’s ever changing digital world is more difficult than ever before, especially for growing companies with limited resources.
By offering marketing automation services “in-house” Automated Marketing Concepts has leveled the playing field.Our clients benefit from state of the art marketing automation that Fortune 500 companies utilize,  without incurring the costs associated with new software and additional staff to manage implementation.

Our Process


We COLLABORATE with our clients and approach our work under the following core principles:
Seek first to understand

Our clients know their business better than we ever will. Our job is to help them drive revenue and in order to help we must first listen and learn. We are curious and ask questions to be certain we are delivering results.

Operate with Complete Transparency

We aren’t running the Pentagon and there isn’t any hidden agendas. We value open communication and embrace feedback, good or bad, because at the end of the day its not about us….its about our clients. When in doubt over-communicate.

Strive for excellence each day That can only be attained through disciplined approach to holding ourselves and each other accountable to being better that we were the day before. We expect more of ourselves than others.

As such, our collaborative hands on approach is built upon transparency and mutual accountability. We only win if you win its that simple.


We CONNECT our clients existing business systems (website, CRM, Social Media, Billing and Resident Care) with our world class automation platform.

Seamlessly creating a single dashboard for all their prospects, which any runs parallel to their CRM, no need ever to double entry. BINGO….our clients enjoy all the benefits of automation.


We CREATE content that is visually appealing, entertaining and specific to your prospects specific needs.

Our network of top shelf graphic guru’s, website designers and wordsmith wonderkids hail from the industries top agencies. We segment by known behaviors and personalize content to your prospects current stage in the sales funnel.


We CAPTURE both anonymous and known visitors to your site, track the digital footprint of everyone who clicks on the the awesome content our team creates!!

We capture what content your target market is consuming, how long they were on the page or post and where they went afterwards.


We Convert anonymous visitors into prospects and prospects into sales.

Unlike other agencies who focus solely on leads generated we are involved throughout the entire sales cycle. Our bread and butter is the ability to use all the valuable data collected regarding your target markets behavior to create personalized content that results in increased sales.

This is impossible without automation and thus the reason why we bring automation to you.


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